REDress Exhibition in Honour of Missing and Murdered Women – at the Manitoba Legislature, May 16-20

What is The REDress Project?
The REDress Project is a public art installation and community project that aims to raise awareness surrounding the murder and disappearance of over 600 Aboriginal women across Canada.

How does it work?
This project involves the community by collecting donations of red dresses, with the goal of attaining 600 red dresses to represent the 600 missing and murdered Aboriginal women across Canada. So far, the project has received donations of over 130 red dresses by community members and organizations Canada-wide. The Dresses have been displayed at Ace Art Inc. an Artist Run Centre here in Winnipeg as well as en masse throughout The University of Winnipeg campus during International Women’s Week in March of 2011. The Project will travel to campuses and artist run centres Canada-wide and beyond-with the next major installation scheduled to open

What does the Art Installation look like?
The REDress Project installation consists of grouped numbers of dresses installed as though they are ‘hovering’ a few feet above the ground. Just slightly above eye level- the dresses provoke a feeling of confrontation-both attracting and repelling the viewer but ultimately, always- providong a silent, elegant and haunting reminder of the Aboriginal women that have disappeared or been murdered.

Why The REDress Project?
This project opens a space for a critical dialogue concerning violence against women, the continuing ill-effects of present day colonialism on Aboriginal communities in Canada and the importance of valuing and respecting the unique experiences and wisdom of Aboriginal women. Through the process of collecting donations of red dresses for this project and displaying them in public spaces communities will be moved to recognize and honor the memory of these women.

The REDress Project Exhibition at The Manitoba Legislative Building
Opening May 16th – Show runs from May 16th – May 20th, 2011
This spring The REDress Project is coming to the Manitoba Legislative Building. An installation of about 50 RED dresses will be presented with an exhibition opening May 16th, 2011.

DONATE – I would like to involve the Manitoba Legislative Building in The REDress Project by accepting DONATIONS OF RED DRESSES both before and after the installation.

Please send inquiries to Jaime Black at

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